Life Update: I’m Engaged and We’re Building a House together – please don’t let this discourage you!

So I just recorded a video for a new study I am leading over at Women Living Well titled: Don’t Let Go!

On Saturday morning, I’ll be posting this video over on WLW, but I thought I’d share it here first with you! 🙂

(if you can’t see the arrow to the video – click here to view the video)

I know that when life hurts – someone else’s happy news can make it hurt even more. I talk about this in the video because…while I hope that my story will be an encouragement — I am aware it can also be a discouragement. Please just stick with me…

Because if there’s one thing I have learned,
it’s that all blended families are born out of loss.

And so this isn’t as easy or perfect as it might seem.

My fiance’s first wife is in heaven. He and his girls never dreamt that this is where they’d be today. All of our kids have suffered so much loss. So there is grief and suffering running parallel to our joy and blessing and that leads to a mix of emotions.

I talk about this more in the video above – so if you have a minute – or 15 😉 … join me as I share my recent life events and updates.

God is faithful. Keep believing and keep walking with the King,

Courtney 🙂

13 thoughts on “Life Update: I’m Engaged and We’re Building a House together – please don’t let this discourage you!

  1. This reminds me of Ruth. Her story of loss and it also finished with love and redemption. Congratulations <3 .

    1. Aww – yes! My mom used to tell me she was praying for my Boaz. <3 God is so good and he answered her prayers!

      Thank you so much Karen,
      Courtney 🙂

  2. Congratulations, Courtney! You deserve all of this and more! Your journey of faithfulness has been inspiring to witness. Every time you teared up in this video, I teared up. I will always credit you for helping me develop my relationship with Jesus as I started studying with GMG in 2016, and am still going strong! My husband has taught for Liberty since 2013, and I was ecstatic to hear your son is attending there. Our family will be praying for your new marriage, and all your endeavors. God bless you, beauty:)

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      Oh wow – I’m so blessed to hear how God has worked in your life through Good Morning Girls!!! And that is so wonderful that your husband teaches at Liberty.

      Thank you for all of your encouragement and prayers!
      Lots of Love,
      Courtney <3

    2. I am so happy for you and your family Courtney! Thank you for being so real and honest and for sharing your life with us. I remember crying “with” you years ago ( and also today!) when you shared your heartbreak, and I am so happy to see how God has always had your life in his hands and a beautiful plan set out for you. Thank you for being such an encouragement and blessing to all of us. God is using you daily in the lives of people you will never know!
      May He richly bless you as you and your family begin this new and exciting chapter in your lives!

  3. Congratulations Courtney,

    You are a genuine treasure. You teach and lead showing all of your struggles, hurt strength and faith and it is a blessing to me. May the Lord bless you both.

  4. Hi Courtney- I remember 7 yrs ago when your husband left. I was following you – you needed to take some time away. My heart was broken for you & your children but I admired your faithfulness, praise, & worship that continued. Congratulations! I am so happy for you and your kids! You are a very strong women- beautiful inside & out! Keep shining for Jesus!

  5. I truly love how God gives 2nd chances. My first husband passed 10 days before Christmas when my children were 1, 3, & 8years old. A couple years later I met & eventually married my husband (who does not have the same name & is very gracious when I call him the wrong one …10 years later!!)

    Blended (more like “slow cooked”) families are not easy, but I’m so blessed by my bonus kids. We have 7 together (now ages 11-almost 26!!)
    I remarried earlier as I wanted a good godly man in my 3 boys’ lives, yet I think it’s great to wait if needed.
    God is good & brings us who we need right in time.
    Best wishes, Courtney & many prayers as you continue your journey!

  6. I’m so happy for you Courtney. I’ve followed you over the years and you are such a sweet, godly woman. I felt your heartbreak because my sister was going through the same thing. It shook our world and I was so shocked to see you going through the same thing. I’m thankful you have stayed faithful, my sister has as well, and that God is giving you this new chapter in your life! Thank you for being so open and honest through it all. Only Heaven will show how many you have helped. God Bless!

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