Wow! An Entire Year has Passed!

I can’t believe an entire year has passed since I last wrote here!

Last May, I started this blog imagining I would begin to write about the struggles, sorrows, defeats and victories the last few years have held.

I missed the old school blogging I used to do over at WLW (back in 2008 through 2015) – where I shared from my daily life. And since I had been through a dark season and felt like there was some closure there – I was ready to open up again.

And then summer hit — and the kids were home and the unexpected happened — I met a man – a wonderful godly man (to read more about him go >>> here)! And while that was the best surprise of 2021 — a lot of my free time to write was used as we started dating and falling in love.

But that was God’s timing, not mine and perhaps God wanted me to wait another season or two before sharing here. But this blog has not left my heart. I deeply desire to write about all that God has taught me through the school of hard knocks.

I feel like I’ve been knocked around quite a bit over the last 7 years. I’ve experienced so much spiritual warfare but God! With God’s help – I’m still standing!

So let’s try this again! I’ll be back tomorrow – but it won’t be anything too fancy here so keep your expectations low lol! – this is just an informal place for me to drop my thoughts – away from the ministry over at Women Living Well – as I share life lessons I’ve learned from wresting in the dark while living in the light.

See you tomorrow morning! (If you want to be sure you don’t miss any of the posts – go to the sidebar and subscribe)

Keep walking with the King,

Courtney 🙂

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