You Can’t Use an Egg Unless it’s Broken

(Courtneys notes from July 2022, podcast with Brian Tome)

I love eggs! I eat two almost everyday for lunch.

Eggs are pretty useless until they are broken. Once they are broken they have so many uses! You can scramble them, boil them, put them in your fried rice or make chocolate chip cookies with them.

A broken egg isn’t pretty – but once it’s put to good use – they are wonderful!

And truly…You can’t use an egg unless it’s broken.

Is something in your life broken?

God wants to use our brokenness.

Perhaps you have a broken relationship, a past failure, or a current struggle you cannot overcome. Perhaps you have prayed and prayed for relief and you feel like God is not hearing your prayers.

Jesus said: “In this world you will have trouble.”

John 16:33

This is a promise.

So if you are looking for an easy life – stop looking for it because you won’t find it. We all have trouble. Instead take a look at this promise…IN its context:

“I have told you these things, SO THAT in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33

He told us we will have trouble SO THAT we would have peace in him. SO THAT we would take heart. SO THAT we would remember that he has overcome the world.

Do not lose heart!

I heard this illustration once by Brian Tome and wrote it in my notes – he said:

A broken horse lives longer than a wild horse.

A broken horse is stronger and faster than a wild horse.

Breaking a horse is essentially freeing a horse.

Sometimes, as we face our brokenness we need a perspective change. Consider, like a horse that has been broken, your brokenness has made you stronger. Your brokenness has even freed you to be more used by God than before you went through that hard thing.

You see, your brokenness has made you less self sufficient and more dependent on God. It has made you more compassionate and understanding to the hard things that others go through. And it has made you pray more and seek God more.

Truly, your brokenness has become beautiful in the hands of God.

Keep trusting him with the reins of your life and keep walking with the King,


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