After the Divorce: A Roller Coaster Ride followed by a Slow Fade (Part 2)

My greatest fear after the divorce was final – was for my children and their future. I had been a homeschooling mom for 7 years and going through a divorce with the kids in the home felt…unhealthy. And I was concerned.

I had heard someone say regarding single moms, as long as your children have one stable parent – they will be okay. So that became one of my life goals – to be the stable parent.

And so once the gavel came down in the courtroom, I went to breakfast with my parents and then I returned home – I threw myself down on my bed and I cried my eyes out for 2-3 hours until there was a knock at the door. A dear friend was standing there with a coffee in her hands for me and she came inside and sat down on the couch. I literally sobbed on her shoulder. She cried with me and held me and was the arms of Jesus to me that day.

And then she needed to go because the kids would be home from school soon and I needed to pull myself together – I needed to attempt to be stable.

The next 6 weeks were a blur. My now ex-husband was away in another state and Christmas was coming and so he would return for Christmas. We celebrated that morning together as a “family” and he stayed for a very long time as the morning turned into afternoon. We had cinnamon rolls and played a family game and then he helped me out around the house with things that needed fixed and we began to talk.

Talks of reconciliation and remarriage began.

By February, he had moved back home and was sleeping in our finished basement.

You know that feeling when you are on the first hill of a roller coaster – a super steep one and it’s clicking as you go up…yeah – that’s how I felt. I wanted reconciliation but I was scared.

Over the next 7 weeks, we went to a counselor for the first time together, we met with my parents one on one to discuss our reconciliation, he came to a family get together and was welcomed back, we attended a new church together as a family, we looked at a new home to purchase to start over again and then he invited me and the kids to go on a spring break trip to his new home a few states away.

After a long flight with a lay over in one airport and then a 3 hour drive, we finally arrived to his new home. My brain was struggling to process what I was experiencing. I put on a brave face for the kids and tried to go with the flow but I was disoriented by seeing this new life he was living.

This is the part where the roller coaster is at the top of the hill and now we are flying down the other side. I figured you only have one life to live, so figuratively, I put my hands up and decided to embrace the moment and enjoy the ride.

We had a great week together. As the week went on, I began to love his new place. The weather was beautiful. The town was interesting. His new friends were nice. I experienced some adventures I had never experienced in my life time. He took us to fascinating places and my time with the Lord there was amazing.

But now here is where the roller coaster begins to twist and turn.

Something was still off with us. By God’s grace, in the most bizarre way – a discovery was made and it was evident his heart was farther from reconciliation than I had hoped.

Now we are upside down on the roller coaster and I want out.

And so we flew home – just me and the kids. For a few weeks there was confusion on his end, as he was torn between two worlds – two women. And then the phone call came…The roller coaster ride came to a screeching halt and this is where we both got off the ride.


How did I let this happen? Again?

Am I too much?

Am I not enough?

Why are you not answering my prayers Lord?

My children! What about my children? I was not just fighting for me – I was fighting for them.

I had done absolutely everything I believed I could to reconcile. There was literally nothing left in me to give.

And so with no regrets, I moved forward letting him go…the grief process began as the slow fade of everything my husband and I had built for 19 years of marriage and 4+ years of dating, began to slip away.

Since then, the last three years between us has been a slow fade. There were talks of reconciliation a few more times – that I’d guess you would say turned out to be false starts. We have celebrated every Christmas morning together as a “family” and have done other special days together as a “family”.

Learning healthy boundaries has been difficult for me. My personality tends to be warm, inviting, optimistic, idealistic and trusting – so this has been a challenge for me to figure out what is appropriate – I’m still figuring this out even now.

In 2017, I found a godly counselor to walk along side me as I began to deal with my grief. She was a godsend! I saw her for about a year straight and now I only go to see her when I am in need of working through something new that I am encountering.

Though our separation and divorce was mostly peaceful -I want to be transparent and say that we have had our fair share of times of conflict and volatility in the last few years. It has not been a walk in the park. We’ve had some very ugly moments. Moments I don’t think could be avoided. It just is what it is.

As the kids grow older and parenting gets more challenging, co-parenting is not as smooth as I had hoped. He still lives in his home in another state but also has a home nearby where the kids visit him.

The children are no longer homeschooled. They are attending a local Christian School and thriving there…and only by God’s grace – somehow I am still standing and very stable.

But I have been through the valley of the shadow of death (Psalm 23:4). My journals are overflowing with thoughts of living in the light, while wrestling with the dark and so I pray that the pain and heartache that I have walked through over the last 5 1/2 years will not be wasted and can somehow be an encouragement to you.

So I’ll begin next time sharing my notes. And though I can’t tell all the stories from the last 5+ years – I wanted to share this part of my story as the context for Courtney’s Notes.

Until next time — Keep walking with the King.


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The Day My Marriage Died (Part 1)

I remember waking up on the morning of October 31st, 2016.  I woke the children and got them ready for school like normal.  Then after they were gone, I got dressed like I was headed to a funeral.  I put on a pretty black blouse and black pants and then my parents pulled into the driveway to take me to the courthouse.

6 weeks prior, I had a similar morning.  I woke the children and got them ready for school like normal. Then after they were gone, I put on a black dress, high heels and my husband pulled into the driveway in his pick up truck. He took me downtown to his lawyers office.  He was a gentlemen – getting the doors for me and there we signed the official dissolution and affidavits to file for our divorce.  My husband had written up a dissolution and I had agreed to release him from our marriage because he was in love with another woman – and so our divorce moved forward quickly. 

Back at the house, after we filed – we stood for a long time in the kitchen hugging.  None of this made sense. He appeared to still have love in his heart for me but he continued to move forward with the divorce.

At the courthouse on the day of our divorce, my husband arrived alone in the waiting area and we smiled and greeted each other politely.  It was awkward.  My parents deeply loved him and they had not seen him much in the previous 10 months since he had left me. 

After about 30 minutes of waiting, our lawyers came and got us and we entered into the judges chamber, where we sat at a long table.  I could not see his face.  The judge asked us each a series of questions and then within about 5 minutes – the gavel came down and our divorce was final. 

In that moment…our marriage died.

I stood up with shaky legs and walked out trying to be as strong and confident as I could be. 

I could have easily fallen on the floor in a puddle of tears or ran to the bathroom to throw up but this was not the time or the place.  And so, together we walked to the elevator and the four of us entered and awkwardly stood as we waited to arrive on the first floor.

Once we stepped out of the elevator, we walked through the lobby out to the city street and there my now ex-husband and I, looked each other in the eye and we said a very weak goodbye.  There was sadness in his eyes and I wanted to hug him but it did not seem right that I attempt to comfort him, while he was divorcing me.  And so, he turned and walked straight ahead crossing the street and I turned the opposite way and walked with my parents to their car.

That morning, our marriage of 19 years died and the man I had loved for 24 years walked away onto a new life path, separate from mine.

The year leading up to this day had been excruciating. 

There is no way that this keyboard can type and express the level of pain and heartache the previous year held. Someday I might tell those stories but for now…just know that there was not a lot of yelling and screaming or crazy…there were long level headed discussions in the kitchen about finances and the kids and what the future would look like. 

If you were to be a fly on the wall in our house that year, you would have seen him coming regularly to the house to visit the kids…and me. He would lay on the couch, while I cooked dinner and we would talk for hours or he would lay on the floor and play with the dog, while talking with the kids about their day, watching sports and drinking his sweet tea.  Then he would leave. 

We went on an overnight family trip to a water slide park and amusement park.   We talked, laughed and enjoyed ourselves as a family for those two days. We sat in a hot tub at the hotel talking about life – our past, our present, and our future.  But it was slowly slipping away…two best friends becoming two strangers.   

Sometimes I thought we were almost there – like he was coming home. He would stay the night and be emotional about his choice to leave…but then inevitably he’d be lured away once again. I was always one to follow his lead and since I knew another woman was involved – a woman I had known for 10 years, I knew exactly what I was up against and that I was on the losing end of this. But I did not want the divorce.

The day after our divorce was final, he left town and bought a home a couple states away and a new life of being a single mom began. He comes regularly still to visit and has a place nearby as well, but mostly – it’s just me and the kids doing life these days.

While the year of 2016 was the most painful year of my life – it did not hold a candle to how crazy of a roller coaster ride our family would be on in 2017.  Oh friends, I wish I could tell all the stories but it’s best I don’t.

But I’ll share a little about my own heart struggles next time.

Until then – know this…

When the bottom falls out…

God is the rock at the bottom.

He is a firm foundation to build your life upon. (Matthew 7:24-27)

“Even though I walk through the darkest valley,
I will fear no evil,
for you are with me;
your rod and your staff,
they comfort me.”
~Psalm 23:4

If you are in a dark valley right now – do not give way to fear. God is with you. Let his presence be your comfort.

He loves you so.

Until next time — Keep walking with the King.


Welcome to Courtney’s Notes!

I am creating this second blog titled “Courtney’s Notes” because I need a space where I can exhale.  For over a decade I have been writing and leading women’s Bible Studies over at . I LOVE it!  It is a complete joy to get to journey through the Bible, cover to cover, with you all.  But sometimes the Lord lays on my heart topics that do not flow with the Bible Studies I am leading, so rather than just storing it all in my journals, I thought I’d create a space to share it with you here. 

I want this blog to be less formal and more old school – like back in the days when I first started blogging.   So it will be random, unfiltered, informal, sometimes deep and heavy as I share more personal stuff and sometimes light hearted, if I share a recipe or a funny story from my life.  I may be here frequently one month and gone for a bit the next, based on how much time I have.  It will ebb and flow with my life, while I consistently show up at Women Living Well and lead Bible Studies. 

Also, many of you know that my life took a hard turn 5 years ago when my high school sweetheart (we dated for 4 years before marrying) and husband of 19 years left.  I have kept nearly everything private during this time but I don’t want it to seem that I have shoved it all under the rug. 

So while I still have a need to keep things as private as possible, I do plan to “go there.”  I am now raising two teenagers as a single mom and so I hope to be able to share some of those challenges here as well.

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Keep walking with the King,